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1、 Take care of the transportation incase of breakage and damage

2、 The boards should be lifted while charring, in avoid of friction between the boards

3、 Move the boards with pallets by forklift truck if the quantity is big

4、The boards cant be pulled on the floor, in avoid of breakage and damage


HPL/COMPACT LAMINATE are with high density, the diamond saw blade is necessary when cutting or processing

The maintenance is easily done, the following skills should be awared.

Maintenance instructions

1、 The ordinary dirt could be cleaned by a damp dishcloth

2、 The light dirt could be cleaned away with warm neutral water

3、 Obstubborn stains requires of high concentration of cleaner, such as alcohol\acetone

4、 We can use soft nylon brush to clean the too dirty and uneven board surface

5、 After cleaning the soft dry cloth is required to absorb the liquid

6、 Wire brush or the cleaner with grinding material is forbidden

7、 Don’t use sharp hard material to damage the board surface

8、 Don’t put too hot thing on the board surface

9、 Don’t use the cleaner with grinding material ,and non-neutral cleaner is forbidden

10、Don’t touch the board with the following dissolvant

Sodium lauryl chloride

≥1% Silver nitrate

Hydrogen peroxide

Gentian violet

Mineral acid、HCL、HSO、HNO3

>2% Lye

Bleaching power


Vegetable Dyes


1% Iodine solution

Berry Juice

Special blot Clearance

Special blot


Inkpad impress

Wet dishcloth

Pencil impress

Water\dishcloth and eraser


Alcohol or acetone


Propyl alcohol or mineral spirits

Strong adhesive

Methane solvent


10% alcohol warm water

Urea resin

Dilution hydrochloric acid


Please consult the glue manufacturer to clean the dry glue vestiges the vestige from ink or bleach is hard to clean

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