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HPL and COMPACT LAMINATE are both made of melamine paper and impregnated craft paper with high pressure and temperature. The temperature is up to 150 °C。And the pressure is up to 1430 lb. The numbers of craft paper decide the thickness of them.

HPL is one side decoration, with the other side sanding, helping itself laminate well to the baseboard.

Compact laminate is two sides with decoration. Two sides with same density melamine paper can help it be straight not bending.

They are direct descendent of the original plastic laminate. It is considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface materials and is available with special performance properties including chemical, fire and wear resistance. Special grades of HPL can be postformed around curved edges by application of heat and restraint.

While melamine board is made of impregnated decorative paper and baseboard with high temperature and pressure that is much less than HPL and compact. The baseboard could be MDF, plywood , particleboard and fiber-cement board.

HPL laminated board and melamine board are widely popular decorative boards for furniture, wall faced and cabinet…But there are big difference between them

HPL laminated board production is more complicated than that of melamine board. It takes 24hours of the lamination. The surface is covered with hpl, whose thickness is at least 0.5mm.

However, melamine paper is usually less than 0.1mm. So the hpl laminated board is with better performance of impact-resistance and scratch –resistance than that of melamine board. Its durable.

And COMPACT LAMINATE has unique performance with high density, with great performance of waterproof, which can be applied for the damp and outdoor environment.

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