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The Near-Black Surface: A Design Doppelg?nger
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Whether your goal is to create a space with dark and light appeal or bring in some deep jewel tones for dramatic effect, deeply colored surfaces that aren’t quite black are right on trend. These looks help you add a surprising and timeless element to commercial or residential spaces to set the mood — without going back to black.

Trend alert: Blue can definitely function as the new black in crisp, clean designs that emphasize the stark differences between light and dark surfaces. Nocturne is as bold as it is welcoming, the perfect color pop for defining the focal point of a space.

Night Shade
The rich eggplant color of Night Shade brings classic elegance with a modern twist. This deep and complex hue is a great foundation for a variety of design concepts ranging from offbeat to traditional, with all of them memorable.

Night Forest
They’ll be green with envy when Night Forest comes on the scene. This strong statement is a near-black surfacing option with warmth and charm. It also plays nicely with complementary colors as seen in this green-on-green table also featuring Green Felt.

Stormy Night Granite
Introduce a vibrant pattern with movement via Stormy Night Granite, a popular, large-scale pattern with the look of natural stone. It effortlessly syncs up with other surfaces and provides a dramatic launch point for your overall design.

Black Painted Marble
Just when you think this pattern is all black, its unique artistry is revealed. Black Painted Marble was created using water-based paints and oil to introduce an arresting push-and-pull dynamic between the materials. It’s a surefire conversation starter.

Black Bardiglio
The understated drama of Black Bardiglio brings the calm and cool to today’s designs. Get the look of black with an undercurrent of movement that adds a natural component.

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